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Choose your favorite fireworks, combine them, and send them up in the sky.

The history of Japan’s fireworks started more than 400 years ago. Even today, firework shells are made by the hands of the artisans one by one. The shows, however, have greatly evolved with the leading-edge technology.
Thousands of fireworks shells are launched in sync with music and staging. The accuracy, speed, and safety depend on computers. Without elaborate programming and simulation and a state-of-the-art ignition system, today’s fireworks shows are not possible.

Most spectator events are restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many fireworks events remain canceled this year.
However, you can launch your own fireworks here. Design your original show and watch the fireworks explode on the huge screen as you wish. Let’s hope that one day soon people can freely come and go across the globe and enjoy the fireworks in the real sky again.

* Contents are subject to change for specific reasons.

Photo by Ryu Furusawa
Photo by Ryu Furusawa
Photo by Ryu Furusawa
Photo by Ryu Furusawa

fuRo collaborated with
Tomohiro Akagawa (A-KAK Co., Ltd.): Direction
Sayaka Shimada (Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co., Ltd.): Movie Direction
Rei Shimano (Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co., Ltd.): Sound Effects: 
Sei Iwano (Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co., Ltd.): Fireworks Movie Supervision: 
Takayoshi Ohara: Simulation Programming
Tatsuya Ogusu (A-KAK Co., Ltd.): UI Programming 
Yoshihito Nakanishi (A-KAK Co., Ltd.): Sound Programming 
Hu Yuanyuan: UI Design
Junko Takamisawa, Katsuya Takamisawa (Takamisawa Music Room): Music 
Rei Kawakami: iPad Programming
Kun Company: Touch monitor Furniture
Studio ARM. Inc.: 3D Sound Mix
Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co., Ltd., : AQUA Geo Graphic Footage Supply
Nae Morita (maart Ltd.): Special Thanks