Halluc II, Halluc IIχ

A future vehicle that transforms into three modes and travels in any direction on legs or wheels

Halluc II is a 1/5-scale concept model of a future vehicle. It has eight legs and wheels (driven by 56 motors), and transforms into three modes: vehicle, insect, and animal. Halluc II is efficient and flexible, moving fast on wheels whenever it can and walking steadily on legs across rough terrains. It moves in any direction – even sideways or diagonally.
Halluc IIχ is the latest model in the Hallucigenia Project, with much higher performance than its predecessors. Besides the major enhancements to the basic performance (including the driving force, traveling speed, and capabilities to detect obstacles and people around it), Halluc IIχ boasts excellent maneuverability and maintainability as well. Operation based on gesture recognition is also available.

Photo by Seiji Mizuno
Halluc II
Halluc II

fuRo collaborated with
Shunji Yamanaka (Concept&Design)