Get on CYBER WHEEL X and experience wheelchair racing and marathon in the VR world. Set in 2100, the courses have been designed according to actual 3D scans of Tokyo. The VR vehicle on display here is based on the WF01TR racing wheelchair, designed by a team of specialists including Paralympic medalist Tomoya Ito. On the electronically controlled pushrims, you will feel the load change as you climb up and down the slopes in the video. Join races with other players online, or race against simulated top racers. Besides entertainment, CYBER WHEEL X serves as an excellent training tool for wheelchair athletes, recording the right and left wheel speeds and travel distances.

CYBER WHEEL was invented and developed by 1→10, Inc. in 2017. In 2019, RDS and 1→10 brought it onto a higher stage of evolution in pursuit of entertainment.


RDS: Artistic design, engineering design, and development of the racing wheelchairs (WF01TR racing wheelchair and VR wheelchair)

1→10: Invention and development of CYBER WHEEL (2017) and artistic design, engineering design, and development of the VR world and system software

fuRo, CIT: Design and development of the pushrim controller